Price delivers the Lion’s Share of Lots in 2020

“When we started Price Land Development Group, we not only had a goal of becoming the preferred developer in the market but we also set an aspirational goal of delivering 1/3rd of the lots needed to supply the annual new home closings in the market.” said Garret Price, President and Founder of PRICE “Well, Zonda is projecting 2021 annual closings of 2,200 lots, and of those, a little more than 31% were lots we delivered.” Over the last couple years Price and his team have been diligent in acquiring, sourcing financing, procuring entitlements, and building their client base, delivering 691 finished lots in 2021. This equates to 31.4% of the projected 2021 annual new home closings, just 160 basis points off their aspirational goal of 33%. These lots consist of a balance of Price assets and lots delivered with Price functioning as the fee developer. Pretty amazing!!